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Birth of the Organization

The birth of this organization took place in the year 1994 through the hard work and devotion of Mr. Khatri (the CEO of the organization). He started with his full zeal moving forwards towards working to meet the expectations of his prospective and present clients. He had a clear vision in his mind to excel in this field. Gradually, as he moved further on this path, a number of other people (associates) joined him under this umbrella. With the hand shake of the associate members, the organization grew at a faster pace and worked understanding the problems of the customers at a micro level. It has now been 25 years of its inception and it is now competent enough to face all kinds of problems related to pest control in all areas including domestic and commercial places like flats, bungalows, floors and commercial places, Malls, Golf Courses like offices, industries, Five Star Hotels, clubs, sports places, cine complexes, embassies, etc.

Individual Profile:

J. S. Khatri is CEO of the organization & having 35 years hands on experience in this field. He has worked for small industries, domestic setups, big industries, hotel Industries, Clubs, and Builders. etc.

Profile of Organization

After 25 years of experience, organization has come up with strong solutions and a large team is working with full devotion to meet the demands of the job in hand. The organization follows the procedures to provide with the prominent solutions of pest control related problems to our valuable clients.

Marketing Division:

A dedicated marketing division is involved to bring the business from the various area of the country, from industries, construction companies, Hotel Industries, Government Organization, Public Sector, NGOs etc.

Evaluation Division:

Another team of members are working on the queries generated by the prospective customers. There are customer calls for the pre treatment sessions. Our evaluation division works on it and inspects the client’s sites, evaluate the quantum of work and maintain work sheet for evaluated work.

Costing Division:

Once the evaluation Division evaluates the amount of work, our costing division then calculates the estimated cost to be incurred, keeping in the mind the various factors that are necessary while costing the job of Pest control.

Service Division:

On the prior approval, our service division takes necessary actions and makes appropriate plans as per the assignment and provide 100% satisfactory solutions of the problems related to pest control.

Customer Feedback:

An important activity is feedback of customers which helps us to improve our services and help us to make our staff members become more competent to handle the situations.

Skill Improvement trainings:

We provide periodic professional training to our staff members in order to learn the latest techniques and method to control the pests.

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